Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So, I've gone and done it. Jumped on the good-ole blogging bandwagon. I guess I'm doing it because I see that there's value in sharing your story. So here it goes. The introductions:

I'm Reagan. A twenty-something (and yes, I will cling to that age til the very end) female. Wife to Dave. Mom to Brecken. Non-practicing attorney. Practicing stay-at-home mom. I have amazing friends. A fantastic family. I know I need Jesus. I have a major sweet tooth. I love orphans. I'm a germophobe. My happy place is Lake Travis. I'm far from perfect. I prefer jeans and no makeup. I'm just starting to really "get" how temporary this life is.

This is my husband of almost 7 years, Dave. Gifted artist. Servant husband. Silly daddy. Architect. Lover of all things clean and modern. Knows he needs Jesus. Green (like dig through the trash to see if I have accidentally thrown away anything recyclable, green). Gardener. Music Buff. Brecken's personal guitar player. Optimist. Laid back and opinionated red-head all in one.

This is Brecken. 18 months. My first born. My treasure. Makes my heart swell and overflow with joy (also occasionally makes me want to pull my hair out if we are being honest here). Lover of outside, brooms, books, guitars, elephants, and anything with a motor. Non-lover of bedtime, vegetables, and anyone leaving the house without his permission. Reminds me to be thankful. Crazy, intense, deep love for my best little buddy.

These are our dogs, Zoe and Stella. 9 and 7. Our red mutts. Hobbies=sunbathing, sweeping the floors, keeping our yard free of other mammals, and hiding from Brecken.

This is Rwanda. A country in eastern Africa. The land of a thousand hills. Amazing people. Recovering from genocide. Home to 1,000,000 orphans and other vulnerable children. Lord willing, the birth country of our next child. We are in the beginning stages of a Rwandan adoption.